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Hi, my name is Hannah

and I love a challenge.

But you know as well as I do that sometimes any kind of challenge can seem way too much. Y'know, on those days where we can barely even drag ourselves out of bed, let alone start working our way to 100 squats over 30 days (or something like that!).

So what do we do on those days? How to we get ourserlves out of bed and ready to face the world?

Enter the 3 Day Recalibration Challenge.

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Recalibrate. Readjust.


This challenged is designed for people who are starting from nothing. This challenge will help you get out of bed, and ready to face the big wide world with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour. 

You can do this. I got you.


So what does the challenge do?

By the end of this three day challenge, you, your enivorment and your mind will be clean and clear. I'll take you through three key areas to help you help yourself, and get back to ass-kicking like I know you want to.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up below!