27 Things I Have Learnt At 27 Years Old

This year, I turned 27. To mark the occasion, I’m sharing a list of 27 things that I have learnt during my years on this planet. Some are super serious, some not so much. I hope you find relevance and help in them like I have.

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  1. 27 is still really, really young. Calm down.
  2. You can cope with and get through more than you think you can.

  3. Learning a language is not as difficult as you think it is.


  5. Acid is the best thing that ever happened to your skin.

  6. Just because you can cut your own hair doesn’t mean you should. Relish in the pampering of a hair salon.

  7. Not everyone wants to be friends with you in the same way you want to be friends with them. You wanna be besties, they wanna be acquaintances. That’s okay.

  8. You were not meant to have long nails.

  9. You need to read a variety of opinions to cultivate yours and ensure that you have all the facts. Often, reading idiotic takes will be helpful to you.

  10. Your parents are the best parents in the world. There is no questioning this.

  11. Treat therapy like a gym membership. You need to go regularly to keep your mental health in tip top shape.

  12. Animals love you. This will make you feel like a Disney Princess, but remember (please) that you can’t adopt all of them.

  13. You can grow out of friendships, and sometimes you’ll feel free when you do.

  14. You can get PTSD from your working environment. Accepting this is the first step towards healing.

  15. You are a good teacher. You always have been, and you always will be.

  16. Paris smells weird and you love it.

  17. You have to work on friendships like you would a relationship. If you want to keep it, work hard for it.

  18. You are not your diagnosis.

  19. Lipstick is the thing that’s been missing from your outfit.

  20. Self-doubt is like damp in a house. Cut it off at the source before it destroys your foundations.

  21. Your love of Crimewatch may seem weird as a teenager, but by the time you’re 27 there will be entire (very vocal) online communities of people that love true crime.

  22. Generally speaking, things that you were made fun of when you were younger will turn out to be cool. Everyone will start doing them, including the people that made fun of you. Do not entertain the bitterness that creeps into your head.

  23. Move your body. You like the way you feel when you do.

  24. Take more selfies. It helps you feel connected to yourself.

  25. You are a talented creative.

  26. Sometimes you need to read fluffy books.

  27. Every experience up until now has taught you one thing: you will be okay.

Love, always.

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