Lace + Blush | The Wardrobe Project

Greetings pals!

I may have been noticeably absent from the blog these last few weeks, but rest assured I’ve been continuing with my wardrobe project.

The Wardrobe Project! I'm challenging myself to wear all of my clothes (not at once) and decide once and for all what works, what doesn't and what needs to go!

One of the hardest things I’ve found is being able to actually pair up items of clothing. All my pieces seem to stand alone in my head, and I find it really difficult to match them up together when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I also still have a lot of clothes left over from the days when I used to go out out (ahh university). I found this lace top that I bought from H&M in 2013 and paired it with this easy breezy pastel pink skirt.

2018-01-28 02.17.43 1.jpg

Twirl baby, twirl

Whilst putting this outfit together I also came to the realisation that I have NO going out shoes. I’ve got my glittery boots and these black ankle boots, but nothing that screams “I’M HITTING THE TOWN!” y’know? Also, the lace top doesn’t fit properly. It’s tight around my shoulders and generally feels a tad uncomfortable.

2018-01-28 02.18.35 2.jpg

Oh, I also need some knew tights because these ones are stretched out beyond belief.

I’ve decided to sell all of the clothes that don’t serve me anymore and use the proceeds to add some key pieces to my wardrobe, like going out shoes and an LBD.

That’s all for this instalment lads. See you next time!

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