My France Bucket List

If you’ve been following me on social media then you’ll know I’m going back to France in a couple of weeks! I’ll be staying there for 4 months, in the middle of nowhere and with a lot of time on my hands. With this in mind, it seemed like a good idea to put together a bucket list of things I want to do/achieve whilst I’m out there.

Let’s dive straight into it!

french cottage
  1. Go on 2 dog walks a day

  2. Wake up at 7am every day

  3. Read all of my masters books before the term starts

  4. Complete a couch to 5k programme

  5. Go to King Arthur’s castle

  6. Travel up the Breton coast in a campervan with my friends

  7. Teach private English lessons

  8. Go to the beach

  9. Wear a bikini on the beach

  10. Go to Rennes

  11. Make video postcards and post them on YouTube

  12. Outline my novel

  13. Eat ALL the cheese

  14. Drink ALL the wine

  15. Practise yoga before bed

  16. Go to Vannes

My Grandma has two lovely dogs called Milou and Lucky, and she takes them out on 5k walks like twice a day. She’s crazy fit, so I’m going with her.

puppy dogs

How wild is it that I’ve been going to Brittany at least once a year for my entire life and yet I’ve never been to Rennes? That’s gotta change this year!

I’m hoping to advertise English lessons in the village to make some extra money to fund my fun times, and I’d love to use some of that money to buy some good novel writing software so I can start outlining my book before I start my masters.

mini library

Couch to 5k is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never mustered up the courage to give it a try where I live in London. You see, when you’re a fat person existing in public, you get abuse hurled at you, and it’s even worse when you’re exercising. The isolated nature of my Grandma’s house means that I’ll be able to run in peace whilst taking in gorgeous scenery. Yoga is another thing I want to get into in a big way, as my body is in dire need of a combination of movement and care.

2016-05-04 06.58.27 1.jpg

Hopefully during the summer months, a few of my friends will be visiting and I can’t wait! Two of my best friends from university are going to come down with a campervan so we can ride up the west coast of France and live our summer hippy dreams. My friend from Paris is also coming to visit and we plan on drinking a lot of wine in the sun to make up for lost time.

You guys, I’m so excited about going back to France! France, and particularly Brittany, has always felt like a second home to me. Even with my shit French, I feel comfortable and welcomed there. I can’t wait to go home.

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