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Greetings pals!

I was so thrilled to see such a positive response to my first post about The Wardrobe Project. I’m so excited to continue, especially after seeing how many of you are interested in doing something similar!

In this post, I’m focusing on work wear. Or, trying to at least! Workwear has always been a bit of grey area for me because the jobs I’ve had have been very relaxed about what we can wear in the classroom. I thought for this outfit I’d dress things up a bit, and do so in keeping with the time of year.

 As you can see, my posing skills have already regressed...

As you can see, my posing skills have already regressed...


These shorts are so comfortable. I’ve not worn them in a while, but I did back when I first bought them. They’d work well into the spring, and of course, work in colder wear with tights. I paired them with these black boots that I bought for my graduation in 2014, and a black jumper that I’ve had since I was in the sixth form (!).


I hope you guys in enjoyed this post, and I’d love to know what kind of outfits you wanna see in the future. More workwear? Casual, glam, or workout gear? Let me know in the comments!


Love, always.

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